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Built in 1990, and refurbished in 2016, Issara Boutique Winery Hotel has stayed true to its architectural and historical heritage. Our 34-room boutique hotel is inspired by the intimate atmosphere of American lodges and quaint contemporary loft designs. The hotel’s modern-country yet reassuringly rustic aesthetics has been carefully curated to reflect its natural wildlife and surroundings. Issara Estates Winery is only a few minutes walk from the hotel grounds where guests can sit back and relax in harmony with nature.  This picturesque atmosphere, high above the tree-line provides a wood-fired sanctuary for guests to share quiet time and memories with family and friends.

Issara Boutique Winery Hotel is a 34 room accommodation influenced by the lifestyle and architecture of old English Country Houses. Located within walking distance of Issara Estates, clients can enjoy hotel services such as wireless Internet, a steam room, a seminar room, a cliff-hanging restaurant and a swimming pool.

*The hotel/Amenities belong to The Issara Company Limited and are available to those who pay service fees. Residents’ are expected to abide by the rules and regulations set fourth by The Issara Company Limited.

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