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This unique opportunity comes along once a year during mid to end of March, at the time of harvest. Join our annual harvest event as we celebrate the culture of art, food, music and wine.

The event features several activities including a chance to learn more about wine, and take part in every step of the winemaking experience alongside our viticulturalists and winemakers.

Tours & Tasting

The Winery tour starts in the vineyard and takes you on a path where winemaking begins. Stroll through the vineyards with our oenologist and learn about the earth soil, terrior and grape vines of the estate. Next, an exploration at THE GALLERY, Our very own fermentation room and art space where we explain the process of harvesting, fermenting and aging. The tour ends with wine tasting and discussion on Issara Estates vintages and Reserves.


Create your very own blend of wines and varietals. This workshop will give you the privilege to be the Head Winemaker for the day and curate your own wine.

At Issara Estates, you keep what you create; take home an authorised home-brewed bottle of wine and have it personalised with your name printed on the label as the sole winemaker.

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