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Wine & Dine

The land upon which Issara Estates is situated has long been providing produce for its inhabitants. Sustainable cultivation has always been rooted in our approach to preserving the natural systems at play. With the Farm-to-Table motto; our belief in fresh organic ingredients have cultivated us to hand-pick indigenous produce grown on the farm, which includes a range of farm-fresh eggs, grape juice, jam, cheese and a variety of nutrient-rich vegetables.

We utilise a rare collection of artisans; from our chef, gardeners, and foragers to our jam lady, viticulturists, and winemakers, and blend together their talents in efforts to create an authentic, bespoke experience for our guests.

We encourage our guests to take part in our farm activities such as grape and vegetable harvesting in order to gain a deeper understanding of our commitment to sustainable cultivation.


Tannin Restaurant serves up international cuisine that is often described as rustic yet refined, borrowing inspiration from the European countryside and local Thai comfort food.

With farm-grown ingredients being the essence of the cuisine served at Tannin, guests can fulfill their gourmet desires with a wide selection of fresh and nutritious favourites, while basking in the scenic views from atop our cliff-hanging restaurant.

As big wine appreciators, wine-pairing is an essential part of the experience. Our Chefs and Sommeliers work alongside one another to pair each dish with wines from our very own Issara Estates Vineyard and a range of fine wines, chosen directory from the family cellar.

16th Parallel

Our story begins at 16 degrees North latitude, home to New Latitude wines of Thailand. Traditionally, wine grapes are grown between the 30th and 50th Degree Parallel in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Conversely, Thai vineyards lay on the 16th Parallel, between the 14th and 18th- degree latitude.

The wine bar explores the rich treasures of local and international wines of the world, showcasing wines from renowned estates, as well as under-appreciated labels of superb quality. Whether you are opting for crisp white wines or rich, aromatic reds, you’ll find a bottle here for every occasion.